New job for the design studio Officina 8A Copia

Separate, not divide: this is the leitmotif of the project. The two levels that characterise the house are separated spatially, but not stylistically; the staircase block is strongly characterised, it can even be considered the main focus of the house, from which the various areas are distributed, vertically and horizontally, and on which the main stylistic themes can be found. The light filters without censorship from both sides and from above, thus expanding the space. In the living area there is no opaque closure between kitchen and living area, separation is possible through large full-height glass doors. The sleeping area, on the attic floor, provides all the inhabitants of the house with made-to-measure spaces: ideal scenarios have been created for the clients to carve out moments of relaxation with a view of the sky, or again, every decorative element of the children’s bedrooms suggests new stimuli for curiosity.


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